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Test-Driven Development and Refactoring

Get Test-Infected!

TDD and refactoring can help you write cleaner, clearer code, faster. You can produce nearly bug-free code that is much easier to extend and maintain. As useful as this is for new code, it can be a lifesaver for legacy code.

Once you get the hang of it, TDD is also more fun. It is, as they say, infectious. But don't take our word for any of these claims. Take the course and see for yourself.

Format and Contents

Our 3-day course covers the basic tools and techniques for doing TDD. The class is conducted in both Java and C#, using the appropriate xUnit version, and a good refactoring IDE. Short morning lectures are followed by hands-on programming sessions. You start using TDD as soon as possible, and for as long as possible each day.

You'll learn to write good tests, organize them clearly, and work in tiny increments of design/test/code/refactor. You'll learn to retrofit tests into legacy code without destroying pressing production schedules.

We supply example code and tasks that enable you to explore TDD and refactoring challenges and techniques thoroughly.

Major Course Topics

Course Logistics

We will not be providing computers for the course; participants are expected to provide laptops with the appropriate software installed. Since we will be using Pair-Programming, if you are unable to bring a computer it is likely that there will be no problem.

You will receive bound and digital copies of the course materials, reference materials, and course slides.

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